Once upon a time, in a land far away from anyone who didn’t live in Indiana, a little girl was sent home from school with a note from her teacher that read:

“Dear Mrs. ------:

I’m a bit concerned about your daughter. Are you aware that she arrives at school each day fairly reeking of Arpege? Has your bottle gone missing or do you actually condone this practice? Do you think it appropriate for a girl of 7? Are you out of - - - ? But I digress…

As you doubtless know all too well, your daughter is quite headstrong and equally persuasive; I worry that the more impressionable 2nd-graders may follow her lead and that I’ll soon be entering a classroom redolent of My Sin and Old Spice. I would appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this regard and sincerely hope I’ve not offended your sensibilities---as your daughter has my senses---forgive me. That was unseemly.

Miss Anthrope

PS: I’m assuming you know Joy. By Patew? If your daughter is adamant about sporting her schooltime scents perhaps she could give that a try. The aldehydes in Arpege, you know…have me scrabbling for my headache powders…”

Let’s fast-forward from Miss Anthrope (who, incidentally, smelled of lima beans, Elmer’s Glue and rancid Tabu, if you can imagine) to the girl who found herself buying virtually every third fragrance she happened upon. She woke up one day and realized that she possessed in excess of 250 bottles of fragrance – a few were duplicates, many she’d held onto since high school, most were nearly full, many had turned---in short, she had a problem. And being the eternal optimist of the cockeyed variety that she is, she wondered if she could perhaps put this problem to good use---in other words, eke out a living via it.

Which brings us to LUSCIOUS CARGO – her dream finally realized – a compendium of exquisite scents of every variety - in other words, something for everyone. And her passion for home fragrances knows no bounds---candles burn in every room at all hours; her every space is somehow scented, with whatever she can dredge up---incense, potpourri, sachets, scented drawer liners, scented stationery, Bounce---and she’s brought this obsession to LUSCIOUS CARGO. We’re very glad she did---and hope you will be, too.

Check back often as our ears are always to the ground in search of even more exquisite products heretofore unknown. Our mission (and we’ve decided to accept it) is to provide you with the most electrifying fragrances available, and to introduce you to lines that we feel will set the standard for the future of the industry. And---this is very important---we’d like to have fun while we’re at it.

We hope that you’ll come to think of as a place to visit when you need a quick fix or a last-minute gift, as well as when your S.O. is snoring on the couch and you’ve poured yourself a glass of wine and want nothing more than to take a leisurely stroll through a site that’s a bit unorthodox, a tad unconventional---in sum, an unforgettable and gratifying shopping experience.