Art of Body Care FRESH LOTION for the BODY, Diptyque

Art of Body Care FRESH LOTION for the BODY, Diptyque

Art of Body Care FRESH LOTION for the BODY, Diptyque


Product Details

Diptyque's L'Art du Soin (The Art of Body Care) - Fresh Lotion for the Body (Lait Frais) - Alexandria: a haven of freshness at the edge of a searing desert. A ray of sun gently warms the sandy stones of the harbor. Like a morning breeze on the fragrant bay, this Fresh Lotion revives the skin, leaving it soft and replenished. An exhilarating rush of orange blossom paired with petitgrain extends an invitation to wake up and face the music.

This fluid yet generous lotion combines the moisturizing properties of orange blossom water with the essential fatty acids of organic sweet almond oil and the nourishing virtues of macadamia nut. It leaves the skin deliciously soft, soothed and supple.

Orange Blossom Water softens, moisturizes, and tones the skin. Sweet Almond Oil (organic) is rich in essential fatty acids. It soothes, regenerates and restructures the skin. It is suitable for even the most delicate, dry or irritated skin. Macadamia Nut Oil leaves the skin nourished, moisturized, soft and soothed.

Its fragrance? Aaahhhh...A sweet, delicate signature: the fresh, green, citrusy note of Petitgrain merges with the suave, soothing notes of Orange Blossom. Delicate orange blossoms graciously lend their beautiful fragrance to this all-organic and incredibly luxe lotion for your person. This beauy revives and replenishes your skin like no other, while imparting a burnished, lustrous glow to your skin. Truly a delight to reach for a lotion that is so good to your body, so good to the environment, and, of course, so good to your nose.

The product line is made with only the purest formulas. While it's always nice to know what DOES go into a product, we find it equally assuring to know what does NOT find its way into the unguents and potions that we apply to our bodies. The Art of Body Care does not contain any of the following:

Synthetic coloring agents
Sulfates derived from petrochemicals

200 ml/6.8 oz.