Assorted Scents - Keiko Mecheri

Assorted Scents - Keiko Mecheri

Assorted Scents - Keiko Mecheri


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Keiko Mecheri's fabulous line of gorgeous fragrances (scent descriptions below):

A Fleur de Peau - A masculine take, this is sensual, distinguished: an olfactive impression more real than skin, feline, erotical, sumptuous blend of white musk, synthetic civet, and tunisian jasmine
Attar de Roses - Taif rose, Shiraz rose, Rose Anciennes, jasmine, warm wood notes, amber, leather
Bois de Santal - Indian Sandalwood, White Osmanthus, Golden Ambergris, Tonka Bean
Bois Satin - Sicilian mandarin, Saffron, Vanilla pods, Jasmine, Rose, Suede, Patchouli, Amber
Camellia - White tea leaves, Um頰lum, camellia petals, magnolia, woods, amber
Cuir Cordoba - Black violet, bergamot, elemi, suede accord, patchouli, sandalwood, benzoin
Crystal d'Ambre - Benzoin, Labdanum, Suede, White Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk
Damascena - A modern and insolent rose. A radiant composition of Bulgarian Roses and wild roses of Mogador, with white musk
Datura Blanche - White datura, Indian tuberose, heliotrope, bitter white almond, tonka bean, vanilla from Madagascar
Genie des Bois - A vivid violet, violet green leaves, Birman benzoin balm
Gourmandises - Praline, sugared pegans, powdery notes, white bitter almonds, rose petal jam notes, saffron, musk
Grenats - Sweet, zesty notes of pomegranate, hints of Bulgarian Rose, green notes of Angelica
Hanae - Inspired by the mythical Ryoan Ji garden, a tender fruity-floral combining Chinese mandarin, wild berries, yuzu and delicate night blooming jasmine
Iris Pourpre - white iris, orris, ylang-ylang, chypre accord
Isles Lontaines - Sweet almond, gardenia, Tahitian tiare, tuberose, jasmine, rose absolute, vanilla, benzoin
Jasmine - Sicilian night blooming jasmine, absolute jasmine
Johana - Japanese chrysanthemum, galbanum, rose, wisteria, iris, cocoa, patchouli, incense, vanilla, sandalwood <
Mihime - Hawthorn petals, bergamot, violet leaves, rose petals, ylang ylang, narcissus, peach, amber, white musk, Tahitian vanilla and heliotrope
Mogador - Turkish rose, bulgarian rose, Mogador rose, dades rose, absolute night blooming jasmine
Musc - Provocative Musk, Chinese Mandarin, Moroccan Jasmine, White Musk
Myrrhe et Merveilles - An ingenious diffusion from a suspended imaginary garden: an iridescent myrrh that deliciously dries down in a fatal alchemy of balsamic notes, jasmine, and white musk
Oliban - Olibanum (a/k/a frankincense), atlas cederwood, blonde tobacco, damascena rose, ambergris, patchouli
Osmanthus - Golden osmanthus, whose tiny flowers fill the air with a heart-piercing perfume. Exotic, heady, with overtones of plum and apricot, their distinctively sweet scent is countered by soft, powdery datura, pearly tuberose and vibrant green notes
Paname - A testament to the very true essence of Paris, the saturated air of magical places, the misty mood of pale mornings. A fragrance without barrier for the insolent garconne or mademoiselle. Absinthe, rare spices, chocolate essence, Comores vanilla flower, powder musk
Passiflora - A wild fruit. A gustative variation of passion flower notes with a zest of citrus and crystalline musk
Patchoulissime - Patchouli, Citrus Note, White Musk, Night Blooming Jasmine, Benzoin Tears
Peau de Peche - White peach, orris powder, sandalwood, amber wood
Sanguine - Quintessential, zesty, zingy blood orange that dries to a comfortable white musk
Scarlett - Invigorating and magnetic. A lively dance of dramatic spices, rose petals and green angelica that is light, yet complex. Piquant and very unusual, this reminds us of the cold, crisp air of the first days of fall, when rose petals still linger on the ground, but you can sense the ice on the way. Refreshing. Sophisticated. Rare spices, blood orange zest and peel, green of angelica, May rose
Tuberose - Tuberose, tuberose absolute, Sambac jasmine, rose, petitgrain, vanilla, benzoin, precious woods
Ume - persimmon, peach tree leaves, bergamot, yellow mandarin, Japanese wisteria, tree peonies, camellia sasanqua, South Sea jasmine, Chinese osmanthus, spices, Hinoki wood, Cambodian mahogany, patchouli, Mousse Poivree and tanned suedes
White Petals - Narcissus, rose, magnolia, tuberose, lilac, lily of the valley, jasmine, yuzu, musk
Wild Berries - Scintillating melange of wild blackberries and cushiony, plushy, cashmere-y musk

75 ml