Amber Ball, Terracotta, L'Artisan Parfumeur *BACKORDERED*

Amber Ball, Terracotta, L'Artisan Parfumeur *BACKORDERED*

Amber Ball, Terracotta, L'Artisan Parfumeur *BACKORDERED*


Product Details

L'Artisan Parfumeur Terracotta Amber Ball - Modeled, finely chiseled and carved by a pottery artisan, this terracotta amber sphere is so very French! Its exclusive solid fragrance formula releases slowly and fully the rich, intensely warm scents of amber, over a very long period. Its perfume wafts through the air and is intensified by ambient warmth or humidity.

The finely carved terracotta Amber Balls are unique objects. Handcrafted by mother and daughter artisans in the historic French district of L�Oise... Hidden in the heart of each Amber Ball is a solid version of the warm, golden amber scent. Intense and exotic, the scent is carried by currents of air and magnified by heat in the room. It will radiate through rooms over a long period of time, trailing the mysteries of the orient into your dreams. Each Amber Ball is beautifully presented in a black box lined with paper, an unusual fragrant gift or something just for you, a singular objet parfum� to enhance any living space.

The Amber Ball will magically scent your space with dreams of the Orient for (roughly) 2 years---after which time you can refresh it by reloading with the amber crystals cartridge.

L'Artisan Parfumeur's Amber Balls are hand-carved from terra cotta, burnished to a high sheen and filled with solid amber perfume, which diffuses at a snail's pace and will last for many moons. Place near a sunny window or a steamy shower (or any warm spot) if it's even more amber you're after. AND - they're refillable. With amber refills, available right here on the L'Artisan page. Egad. What a grand way to gussy up a room!

The amber accord is not a single raw material. L'Artisan Parfumeur's Amber Crystals are not resins from a plant. It is an accord inspired by the famous base � Ambre 83 �, created and manufactured by the Factory DeLaire, dating from the early XX� (20th) century. It mixes olfactory notes of patchouli, vanilla, tonka beans, benzoin and other resins (such as myrrh, Peru balm, Tolu balm�), associated with woody, spicy and musky notes.

Available in several sizes; simply select from the drop-down box.


SMALL: Fill 20g Diameter 75mm/2.9 in $90.00 �
MEDIUM: Fill 50g Diameter 85mm/3.4 in $140.00 �
LARGE: Fill 100g Diameter 110mm/4.3 in $220.00 �
MAXI: Fill 200g Diameter 130mm/5.1 in $355.00 �
GIANT: Fill 300g Diameter 160mm/6.3 in $550.00 **PLEASE NOTE: We are backordered on all sizes of the Amber Ball. We anticipate delivery in late May 2016. We'll aos send out a newsletter once they are back in stock. SO sorry for the inconvenience!**