La Boule de Provence, L'Artisan Parfumeur **OUT OF STOCK**

La Boule de Provence, L'Artisan Parfumeur **OUT OF STOCK**

La Boule de Provence, L'Artisan Parfumeur **OUT OF STOCK**


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Yet another fabulous offering from our favorite fabulous French perfumery: La Boule de Provence from L'Artisan Parfumeur, which is both an objet d'art and amber diffuser, was created and crafted as a companion piece to the original Amber Ball - a beloved staple on the Parisian home-fragrance scene since 1977!

La Boule de Provence is a unique design object and is entirely handcrafted by artisans near to Paris. A beautiful and novel way to fragrance one’s home, hidden in the heart of each Boule de Provence is a solid, crystallised fragrance. Fresh and aromatic, and inspired by the nature of Provence, this scent is carried by currents of air and magnified by heat in the room. They're perfectly lovely placed near a sunny window, and a couple of devotees here at Luscious Cargo stash a small boule underneath a seat in their car. Trust us - this is a smashing idea - the scent greets you the instant you open your door!!

Handcrafted in terracotta by the same French artisans who made the original "Amber Ball," and with a scent created by Grasse-based perfumer Jean-Claude Gigodot, who created the original Boule d'Ambre fragrance, the new Boule was inspired by the scents of nature in sunny Provence, in the south of France.

The particulars: Lavender, rosemary, basil, tomato leaves, hay

Housed in a beautiful L'Artisan Gift Box festooned with images of Provence fields, in shades of white and pale lavender.


SMALL (20gm/75mm) - $100.00
MEDIUM (50gm/85mm) - $140.00
LARGE (100gm/110mm) - $220.00

Available in three sizes; simply select from the drop-down box.