Shanghai Home Fragrance - Oil Essence Diffuser (500ml), Laura Tonatto

Shanghai Home Fragrance - Oil Essence Diffuser (500ml), Laura Tonatto

Shanghai Home Fragrance - Oil Essence Diffuser (500ml), Laura Tonatto


Product Details

The fantastically passionate creations of Laura Tonatto (a/k/a "The Italian Nose") have taken the fragrance world by storm - and her Shanghai Room Fragrance Oils are yet another in an enviable line of magical liquids. This is the product that has been selected by several of Italy's finest hotels to imbue their rooms with Tonatto's unparalleled scents.

The particulars: Available in a variety of scents and in two sizes; smaller version available elsewhere on this page (in certain scents)

Presented in Tonatto's recently revamped packaging that is at once sleek and slick, the subtly frosted and statuesque beaker-like vessel is, happily, unusually graceful as well. For the most gracious of spaces.

500ml/16.9 oz


Albi - fresh lavender, spices, Indian black pepper, mousse d'arbre, floral notes, petitgrain
Ambrosia - nectar of amber, May rose, ladanum, vanilla
Amir - myrrh, petitgrain, lime wood, orange essence, incense, amber, musk, woods, spices
Dama - amber, vanilla, iris, violet, opoponax
Eleonora Duse (E Dus�) - violet and violet leaves
Fior d'Arancio - orange blossom, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lily of the valley, aldehydes, white musk
Iss - neroli, lemon, petitgrain, ylang-ylang, musk, bergamot, precious woods, Indian sandalwood, vetiver
Magnifico -orange, lemon, fig, ylang-ylang, lavender, liquorice, Indian sandalwood
M'amo - essence of pear, mint, eucalyptus, globulus, white musk
M'oma - orange blossom, peach, opoponax
Oltre - coastal pine, lily of the valley, seaweed, musk
Oropuro - amber, vanilla, white musk, bergamot, (synthetic) civet
Plaisir - orange, grapefruit, rose, cinnamon, spices, vanilla, white musk, amber
R� - petitgrain, gum tree, precious woods, Indian sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli
Sandalo per Teti - orange, lemon, floral notes, lavender, black tea, woods, sandalwood